SMW Group aims to provide an excellent standard of engineering and to ensure that the associated services are acceptable to all clients. Our goal is to deliver these services at the required quality and cost in a safe manner with due regard to client concerns and needs. Our Quality Management System will ensure that our operations are conducted in a manner that ensures quality and consistency with SMW’s requirements.

SMW’s culture is being molded through encouraging all our staff to be innovative and creative, continuously looking for better ways to perform their work through the use of Quality Management techniques.

Our specific quality objectives

  1. To ensure that a focus is maintained on providing various clients with services that are fit for the purpose and right the first time.
  2. To promote quality awareness amongst all staff, so that they develop pride, satisfaction and responsibility for quality of their work.
  3. To meet specified quality standards and financial targets.
  4. To strive for continual improvement in our construction and maintenance services by encouraging innovation, and reviewing the Quality Management System.

Download our quality policy in full: SMW Quality Policy