Training and Employment

SMW Group understands the importance of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. We acknowledge that all employees are accountable for the health and safety of fellow employees and visitors. Our goal is to actively reduce the risk of injury to employees, contractors, and visitors by focusing on the areas of hazard/risk management, injury prevention strategies, and continuous improvement in Workplace Health and Safety, view the SMW Rehabilitation Policy.

SMW Group provides appropriate resources and regular training on workplace health and safety, and requires all employees to attend.  Training is also being delivered in personnel development, technical skills and Quality Management, to ensure that staff appreciate and understand the integral role that quality must play in all work undertaken.

SMW Group is committed to equal opportunity in all areas of its business. We aim to achieve and maintain zero discrimination and harassment complaints within our company. All recruitment, promotion and conditions of appointment are based on merit with due consideration for safety performance. View the SMW Equal Opportunity Policy.