Mechanical and Compliance

Vehicle Maintenance, Compliance & Repair

SMW Group’s Mechanical workshop is equipped to carry out maintenance, repairs, overhauls and compliance checks on all industrial and earthmoving equipment, medium and light vehicles and ancillary equipment including pumps, lighting, plant and service vehicles.
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SMW Group’s hydraulics team are experienced in systems design, installation, manufacture and commissioning, for all heavy industrial and mining hydraulics. At our Parkhurst facility, we have the largest CNC Cylinder Hone in Central Queensland, with a 4.1m cylinder capacity.
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Crane Services

SMW Group are the authorised HIAB dealers for Central Queensland. In addition to this, we offer certification, inspection and repair of vehicle loading cranes and elevated work platforms from our Parkhurst facility. For safe load handling solutions with any heavy industrial or mining application, SMW Group has the expertise and the equipment to get the job done.
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Engineering & Design

SMW Group employs a team of in-house specialty engineers to ensure the safest, smartest and most innovative designs are created for your project. We can cater for everything from small one-off jobs adapting existing equipment, up to major mining and industry projects.
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Materials Processing Solution
SMW Group was contracted to build a client-designed iron ore processing facility for a major ore producer in Western Australia. Download the project sheet here.

Amphiroller Design and Fabrication
Used in mud-farming (managing the waste product from refining bauxite to alumina), an amphiroller is not something that many companies ever get the chance to work on let alone completely design, engineer and fabricate. Download the project sheet here.

D10 Dozer Rebuild
SMW Group was contracted to rebuild a dozer with significant wear and tear damage. Download the project sheet here.

Plant Expansion
SMW Group was commissioned to construct a new screen box plant. Download the project sheet here.