Robotics and Automation

SMW Group has performed complete overhauls, refurbishments and rebuilds on a wide variety of projects from all over the Bowen Basin, with our automation-based approach to fabrication.

Our PCAW Robot automation capabilities allow us to significantly cut down on rework and downtime costs. SMW Group’s ‘fleet approach’ to refurbishment of multiple buckets from the same client ensures that we take a full project view of the job and create cost and time-saving efficiencies. For example, we will look at the steel order with a full fleet in mind, eliminating over-ordering and material wastage.

Fleet overhauls

In previous contracts requiring the overhaul of a full fleet, SMW takes a production line approach. This means assigning specific roles to individual tradespeople for the duration of the project. As a result, the tradespeople excel at their role by the end of the project, and processes and procedures are in place for completing the work with maximum efficiency.

Fit-for-purpose solutions

SMW Group has never accepted the status quo when it comes to the delivery of a project. If our team of in-house engineers can build a solution to specifically suit the need of a client, we will.

Examples of these fit-for-purpose solutions include:

  • Our award-winning hydraulic lifting system,
  • Our complete design and build of an amphiroller for an industry client
  • The use of automated butt welding system to deliver quality pipe welding.
  • The ability to design and build a materials processing plant solution for a client in the Pilbara, Western Australia as SMW’s solution was the most cost and time effective.