Abrasive Blasting & Painting

Professional abrasive blast and paint finishes on all sizes and types of heavy equipment.

SMW Group provides abrasive blasting and painting as part of our end to end service, completing jobs with finishes that exceed recommissioning standards.

Leading edge facilities

Our fully undercover abrasive blasting and painting workshop covers 1,100m2 at our Parkhurst facility. We can repair, blast and paint truck bodies up to 797 size without weather-related delays.

We take pride in finishing every job, from minor components to large scale projects, to the most stringent individual client requirements and OEM paint specifications, supported by an accredited paint inspector as part of our fully quality assured systems.

As part of our commitment to quality, SMW Group continually invests in leading edge equipment that uses state of the art technology to deliver outstanding client solutions. A great example of this is our Ultralift equipment, which means we can move trays in and out of our facilities with ease.

Latest dustless blaster technology

A great finish starts with expert preparation. SMW Group uses the latest Dustless Blaster technology to prepare equipment for painting, whether on site or at our workshop.

Our mobile cleaning and blasting units are a custom-designed and built mobile abrasive blasting solution. Both a blaster and washdown system, we can clean, repair, and prepare equipment for paint or coating, no matter where it is located on your site or ours.

Because safety is our priority, this system can also operate remotely to avoid operator risk.

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