Heavy Haulage Trays and Buckets

Custom-designed heavy haulage bodies and buckets for the mining industry.

Ultrahaul: SMW Group’s alternative to OEM trays.

The Ultrahaul tray is a patented design that eliminates the standard tray faults that most often need repairs and contribute to truck down time. Australian-designed and made, Ultrahaul trays have achieved 40% efficiency gains over standard trays. Ultrahaul trays are designed specifically for coal haulage and overburden applications and meet the strictest of mining industry specifications.

  • Cost effective – maintenance free.
  • Custom engineered to site-specific conditions for maximum productivity.
  • Proven results of 40% efficiency gains over standard OEM trays.
  • Our production line manufactures all trays for maximum delivery speed and reduced manufacturing cost in line with ISO 9001.
  • Manufacturing facilities on both east and west coasts means quick to site delivery.

Taurus: field-tested buckets, bodies and attachments.

SMW Group manufactures the Taurus range of products including heavy truck bodies, buckets and attachments.
Using decades of collective mining experience combined with innovative designs, Taurus products significantly increase production rates while reducing overall operating costs.

Clients using Taurus have seen:

  • Up to 18% extra productivity from excavators with 10% reduction in fuel burn
  • Extended life on excavator major components and attachments
  • Increased mining truck productivity with strong, lightweight and higher capacity bodies
  • Significantly reduced body and tyre damage
  • Reduced truck maintenance and operational costs

For more information.

See Ultrahaul’s downloadable Capability Statement