Heavy Haulage Trays and Buckets

SMW Group’s custom-designed alternatives for mining trays and buckets.

As long term contractors throughout the Bowen Basin’s mines, we specialise in producing ground-up, innovative solutions
to industry challenges.

To address major capital and operational overheads inherent in wear and maintenance of heavy haulage trays and buckets, SMW Group design and produce fit-for-purpose alternatives that deliver superior wear rates, lower operational costs and longer component life.  Here’s how Ultrahaul trays and SuperExx buckets outperform and outlast the competition.

Ultrahaul: Engineered and manufactured with productivity in mind

The Ultrahaul heavy mining trays are maintenance-free and proven to increase payload haulage and cut maintenance budgets, year on year.

Design features address common issues such as wear, fatigue cracking, time-wasting maintenance and poor productivity.

Designed for your site

Customisable design criteria include payload capacity and fill factor, tray width, height and maximum side height, ground clearance, load positioning and tray lowered indicators, side lights, rock ejectors, eyebrows, headboard position, and tray liner position and composition.

Reducing operating costs and capital budgets

  • Lowered whole-of-life costs through leasing and integrated wear packages
  • Current fleet in the field have demonstrated exceptional longevity
  • Unique skeletal design to maximise strength and minimise corrosion
  • Engineered for the specific density of a site's material
  • Manufacturing facilities on both east and west coasts means quick to site delivery

SuperExx: excavator buckets that go the distance

SuperExx forges ahead of the new generation of excavator buckets. The SuperExx heavy line excavator buckets suit common OEM excavators, including Liebherr, Komatsu, Caterpillar and Hitachi.

Customised to site conditions

Each bucket is specifically customised to the site and material, to streamline efficiency and productivity. Hard rock, coal or mineral environments, we take into account the site’s specific material density, plus factors like hang-up, dump height, and site loading procedures.  

Safety, productivity, longevity

As an SMW Group innovation, the SuperExx prioritises safety and productivity. The lightweight design means an increase in material moved each shift, with less wear on your equipment.  

Changing installation: our bucket pin puller

SuperExx buckets are installed with our patented bucket pin puller. This allows for quick and safe bucket change-out for repairs or maintenance.

Mitigating a high-risk, frequent operation, this SMW Group innovation:

  • Places the operator outside the swing radius
  • Reduces injury risk during removal and replacement of excavator bucket attachment pins
  • Reduces close manual handling of the pin mechanisms
  • Eliminates the need for multiple operators
  • Removes uncontrolled and unsupported movement of bucket components that can weigh up to 1 tonne

Find Ultrahaul and SuperExx specifications and manufacturing details.