Our Capabilities

SMW Group’s core capabilities.

As a one-vendor supplier solution, we use our 20+ years of industry expertise in engineering, manufacturing and fabrication to solve your problems.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

We continually push the boundaries of performance, quality and value-added service to deliver end-to-end solutions for our clients. Outstanding in-house design work is brought to life by our skilled tradespersons, using the latest equipment to improve your bottom line.

Mechanical Rebuilds & Overhauls

From our dedicated facilities or via our mobile solutions, we provide heavy industrial mechanical rebuilds and overhauls – from the largest equipment right down to light vehicles and plant.

Abrasive Blasting & Painting

We provide abrasive blasting and painting as part of our end to end service, completing jobs with finishes that exceed recommissioning standards.

Industrial Cleaning

Preparation and clean-up of plant and equipment goes hand in hand with peak performance and minimal downtime. Our team works closely with yours to get the job done with maximum efficiency, every time.

Heavy Haulage Trays & Buckets

Explore our range of trays, buckets and heavy equipment attachments to discover how you can maximise loads, reduce or remove maintenance costs. Our custom-designed solutions meet the unique requirements of your operation.

Shutdown Services

We have a large site-ready workforce and equipment ready to deploy to your site at short notice. Our full suite of trade expertise is at your disposal to execute mining shutdown maintenance to the highest standards.

Robotics & 3D Scanning

Our qualified engineers integrate into our manufacturing, construction and fabrication process from the very beginning, creating tailored designs to suit your needs and increase your project’s efficiencies.

Construction & Installation

As experienced on-site contractors, SMW Group can take care of wash plant and conveyor upgrades, repairs and maintenance, or design and installation of new facilities from the ground up.