Fabrication & Manufacturing

A genuine one vendor solution for mining, rail, industrial manufacturing and minerals processing.

SMW Group’s Heavy Fabrication and Engineering division provides an end to end solution, from design and engineering to fabrication, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing.

What sets SMW apart?

Long-term experience in the Bowen Basin
Extensive workshop facilities and field capabilities
Flexibility to work in rail, construction and mining
Strong trade availability – workforce of over 500
Locations in Rockhampton and Mackay

Innovative engineering and design

SMW Group employs a team of in-house specialty engineers to create the safest, smartest and most innovative designs for your project. We cater for everything from small one-off jobs adapting existing equipment, up to major mining and industry projects.

Latest equipment

SMW Group uses state-of-the-art equipment for welding and manufacturing at all of our workshop facilities and in the field. Where the latest technology or equipment doesn’t meet the needs of our projects or clients, we turn our hand to creating our own in-house solutions. We’ve won awards in innovation for some of these solutions, which include:


Our Ultralift solution is a remotely operated mobile straddle carrier. Using the Ultralift at our workshops eliminates complex crane lifts, removes the risk of operator injury, and allows SMW Group to reposition, move and work on trays, buckets and other heavy equipment safely and efficiently. This leads to real cost savings for clients, as well as the ability to move jobs through our workshop with more speed.

Ultralift is also available as a site-based solution, to move your equipment wherever you can drive a truck – just ask our Product Support team about what’s possible.

Robotic welding

SMW Group’s robotic welding capabilities are industry leading – we use our robotic welder to manufacture mining equipment, rail sleepers and more. With real-time QA reporting, our robotic welder works up to 46% faster than manual welding, saving time and cost to our clients.

3D Scanning

Using the latest 3D scanning technology on site or in our workshops means that we can accurately identify flaws in a structure or equipment and engineer the best solutions to keep your team safe.

Air-fed welding helmets for safety

A recent initiative of SMW Group has been to move our workshop teams to sole use of air-fed welding helmets as a preventative safety measure. Air-fed helmets reduce known welding health hazards and are a valuable risk control measure as well as an initiative to protect the health of our team.

Heavy fabrication

SMW provides the complete package:

  • Custom design solutions to the highest quality standards
  • On and off-site qualified and experienced trade services
  • Full installation and commissioning
  • Long-term servicing and maintenance strategy and support
  • Project management and delivery

Our 2000m2 fabrication workshop at SMW Group’s Parkhurst facility is fully equipped with quality tooling, equipment and mobile plant.

Our Paget facility is similarly equipped, with plenty of space to fit several pieces of heavy equipment undercover, as well as hard stand capacity.

Fabrication projects of any size are completed easily in our undercover workshops. We build:

  • Excavator and loader buckets
  • Dozer blades
  • Track frames
  • Crushing equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Site infrastructure
  • Shovel components
  • Dragline components


SMW is a strong regional Queensland manufacturer of industrial equipment and plant.

We support local manufacturing. Our supply chains focus on strengthening regional and local communities.

From our workshops, we can manufacture:

SMW’s Parkhurst and Paget workshops are ideally located for manufacturing, with 24/7 operations and easy highway and railway access to transport finished product.

Workshops use state-of-the-art lifting equipment to speed up turnaround time and eliminate costs. Our skilled teams of local employees work on projects across rail, mining and all facets of heavy industry.

Field service, maintenance and trades

SMW Group provides full field servicing solutions and experienced, site-ready trades personnel. Across multiple trades, our teams provide:

  • Design through to installation
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Repairs and routine maintenance
  • Shutdown crews with extensive experience, available at short notice and with competitive rates.

For more information.

See our downloadable Capability Statements for more detail about SMW Group’s fabrication, engineering and field service capabilities.