Robotics & 3D Scanning

Using the latest technology in robotics and 3D scanning, we provide accurate and detailed records of repairs or design and manufacture new solutions.

Our qualified engineers integrate into our manufacturing, construction and fabrication process from the very beginning, creating tailored designs to suit your needs and increase your project’s efficiencies.

3D scanning

Enabling repairs with accurate and detailed damage and wear records, as well as custom-manufactured solutions for any plant and equipment. 

SMW Group uses the FARO Focus 3D X330 scanner. Our engineering teams leverage the data for fast, completely accurate, reliable and long-lasting repair work.

From customised excavator bucket liners, truck tray rib upgrades to wash plant and conveyor structures, 3D scanning delivers highly detailed point cloud information that results in superior design solutions using 3D CAD and modelling. 

3D scanning also assists with:

  • Finite element analysis and reporting (FEA)
  • Engineer certification and commissioning  
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) for plant and equipment
  • TIA Weld Inspections
  • Designing safe access platforms with specific reference to the infrastructure
  • Design, fabrication and installation of small access stairs
  • Design and repair of large platforms, catwalks and multi-storey structures
  • Grizzlys and chutes of all shapes and sizes


We work with emerging technology to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

SMW Group are known for continually breaking new ground in using robotic technology to engineer fit-for-purpose solutions.

The SMW automated plasma cutter and welder (PCAW) is a complete robotic solution for heavy industry fabrication and manufacturing needs.

Capable of numerous repair, rebuild and new manufacturing tasks, the PCAW Robot eliminates labour costs, reduces timeframes and improves quality and safety outcomes.

Tested in heavy industry supply environments and backed up by the reputable Kawasaki brand, SMW’s PCAW Robot revolutionises the way that heavy industry looks at manufacturing, fabrication and maintenance.

What can it be used for?

The advanced technology built into the Kawasaki-branded robot allows for precision capabilities. The PCAW Robot can undertake most heavy fabrication and manufacturing projects, including:

  • Rail wagon door manufacture and repair
  • Dragline and excavator bucket repair and rebuild
  • Dragline, shovel and excavator bucket fabrication
  • Rear dump truck tray repair, rebuild and new fabrication Dragline tub new manufacture
  • Track frame rebuild and new manufacture

The benefits of robotic welding

Our PCAW robotic welding solution has undertaken most heavy fabrication and manufacturing projects with any detailed specification required, including dragline, shovel and excavator bucket repairs, rebuilds and new fabrication.

  • Real time QA reporting – precision programming eliminates handling error and inconsistencies
  • 61% cheaper – average saving on fabrication and maintenance tasks
  • 46% faster – average time saving across all suitable tasks
  • 100% automated – ideal risk mitigation by eliminating manual labour

For more information.

See our Manufacturing Capability Statement, which details how we do things differently, including our robotic welding processes and our 3D scanning solutions.