SMW Group’s rail capabilities build on Rockhampton’s long-standing history as a rail service centre.

Fabrication and repairs

SMW Group is capable of repairing rail wagons, and has experience in manufacturing rail wagon doors, metal rail sleepers and other components. With our workshop located in a heavy industrial area, we are licensed to operate 24/7 to turn around critical repairs.

Our local-first supply ethos also means that our operations are not impacted by overseas manufacturing constraints. We can manufacture or repair components quickly, locally and efficiently.

With our Ultralift on-site lifting solution, SMW Group can manoeuvre rail wagons around our facility efficiently and without the need for complex crane lifts. This smooths the transitions between transport, inspection, fabrication, blast, paint and back to transport.

On-site blast and paint

SMW Group’s Parkhurst facility is supported by an on-site abrasive blasting and painting facility, further streamlining our turnaround time. Our facility is supported by a paint inspector, to ensure wagons and components reach recommissioning standard every time.

Using robotics to speed up turnaround

SMW Group uses state-of-the-art robotic welding technology to speed up our repairs and manufacturing of heavy components. Our robotic welding unit has been used in the repairs of rail wagon components, as well as metal rail sleepers. The use of this technology reduces manual welding time by up to 60%, and is fully QA-compliant to ISO9001.

Featured Project: Rail wagon repairs

As Rockhampton’s rail workshop was closed in 2018, Aurizon no longer has local wagon and asset repair capacity. Building on existing local presence and partnerships, SMW stepped into the gap and is currently completing a series of overhauls on accident-damaged rail wagons from their Parkhurst workshop.

SMW’s unique local capability and engineering-led approach has resulted in several innovations across the fleet repair and overhaul, including the use of our proprietary Ultra-lift crane technology, reducing overheads and the cost to our client. SMW Group are also making use of our robotic welding capabilities to ensure quality and speed are a priority.