SMW Group have developed a technique for the repair of Terex RH 340 components with structural damage. Our improved rebuild process ensures longer-lasting fixes and less […]

Equipment repair, upgrade and recommissioning is a specialty of SMW Group’s workshop team. These Drilltech D90K Track Frames were no exception. This project’s key benefits included: […]

The SMW Group design and fabrication team completed a one of a kind job when they were commissioned for the fabrication of a D90KS blast drill […]

SMW Group’s team of engineers and fabrication specialists create custom solutions for industry. This project’s key benefits included: In-house design and fabrication to create a tailored […]

Used in mud-farming, an amphiroller is not something that many companies ever get the chance to work on let alone completely design, engineer and fabricate. This […]

SMW Group was contracted to carry out repairs on a fleet of 797B trays, over a rolling 12-month period. This project’s key benefits included: A comprehensive […]

SMW Group can rebuild, refurbish and improve safety outcomes. This is demonstrated by a Dozer rebuild contracted to SMW Group. This project’s key benefits included: Prompt […]

SMW Group completed a full overhaul and rebuild of a CQMS dragline bucket in-house.  This project’s key benefits included: Faster, smarter and more efficient service, All fabrication […]