SMW Group is continually looking forward. We invest in cutting-edge technology and equipment, so you get the benefits of innovation, cost savings and productivity gains.


We understand the importance of investing in innovation, for our own company and our clients.
SMW Group invests in state-of-the-art, industry-leading equipment to support our goal of being “faster, smarter and more efficient.”

Doing so has seen our company grow during some of the mining industry’s toughest years. We’re proud to say our commitment to innovation is rewarded by clients who return to us time and time again and we’ve grown from a small team to more than 300, since we began in 2000.

Sometimes we take on projects that don’t strictly fit into mining, heavy industry or defence. But they always represent a challenge, and a pushing of boundaries – here’s how some of those have turned out.

Processing Plant Manufacture and Shipping

SMW Group project managed, manufactured in-house and delivered:

  • 20 conveyors, with a combined length of 450 metres
  • 4 x Screening structures to support 2.4m x 6.5m screens
  • 4 x crushing structures to support 1.5m diameter cone crushers
  • 1 kilometre of handrails on access platforms

The plant took 15,000 man-hours to manufacture and assemble, with 70 trailers required to carry the components the 4,500 kilometres from SMW Group to the Western Australian client’s site in the Pilbara.

Given their innovative approach to projects of this nature, SMW Group were able to project manage, fabricate and transport an entire solution from their base in Central Queensland to the Pilbara – more competitively than other suppliers.

The processing solution, designed as a pilot plant, was entirely manufactured in-house by SMW Group, using our extensive storage space, undercover workshop and team of expert boilermakers.

SMW Group was chosen from a panel of suppliers (including Western Australian companies), and came out on top for service, efficiency and skill. SMW Group were subcontracted to perform the fabrication component of the job, which included an extensive conveyor system and crushing plant for iron ore processing.

Surf Lakes Prototype

SMW Group were engaged as the principal contractor for the Surf Lakes Prototype project in Yeppoon, Queensland. This project is an example of SMW’s ability to take world-class design and turn it into reality through our quality fabrication and project management.

For Surf Lakes, SMW Group oversaw:

  • Civil subcontracting for initial earthworks and site development
  • Fabrication and manufacturing of all steel components
  • Assembly and on-site installation, commissioning and testing
  • Local supply chain management

The project was completed in 2019 and has received worldwide interest. The technology can produce up to 2,400 surfable waves per hour.

Amphiroller Design And Fabrication

SMW Group’s team of engineers saw the amphiroller (a screw-propelled vehicle) as a design and fabrication challenge worth conquering.

Used in mud-farming (managing the waste product from refining bauxite to alumina), an amphiroller is not something that many companies ever get the chance to work on let alone completely design, engineer and fabricate.

Known affectionately as ‘The Mud Crawler’, this project came to life entirely in the SMW Group’s Parkhurst workshop – from design to fabrication, the engine build and even on-site blasting and painting. SMW Group is also able to maintain the machine on site at the client’s facility, further adding to their value proposition.

Our in-house design team engineered a completely new prototype that had several advantages to the client, including the ability to float where previous amphirollers have not been able.

SMW Group carried out all prototyping, testing and alterations before delivering a complete and improved product.

Innovation Capability Statement

Learn more about how we do things differently – including our robotic capabilities, real-time QA and video feeds, and projects we’ve worked on.