June 21, 2021

SMW Group – kicking goals on and off the field


They’re backed by SMW Group, an award-winning innovator, employer and supporter of the local community.


SMW wins the RIN 'Out of the Box' award

Since publicly listing in June last year, SMW Group’s operations have gone from strength to strength. Last week, their Mackay branch took home the Resource Industry Network’s Out of the Box Award for their remote-operated hot wash truck, with judges saying the company had shown along-term systematic approach to thinking differently.


SMW Group CEO Jack Trenaman is proud of the company’s fourth recognition for innovation in the last eight years, saying it’s reflective of their ‘engineering continuous improvement’ ethos.


“As a contractor on many Bowen Basin mine sites, we see problems every day that can be solved by clever engineering. The remote-operated hot wash truck is one of those solutions – it keeps operators out of harm’s way, eliminating major safety risks with technology. It also means we can deliver an industrial clean more quickly and efficiently.”


“We developed the remote-operation technology in the hopes of selling units to diversify our income streams. This is particularly important as a service-based business in a market that has plenty of ups and downs.”


While SMW Group is the only publicly listed company headquartered in Rockhampton, Mr Trenaman says that he’s optimistic about the future of Central Queensland.


“This year, we’re starting to see real progress on all the major projects that economic development organisations have been talking about for years.”


Major contracts are underway

With SMW Group teams working on the Rookwood Weir, several new mining projects and even recently beginning supply of heavy haulage trays to Bravus’s Carmichael project, the company has doubled down on local employment and community support.


“I’ve seen plenty of companies coming into town to nab major project work, but unfortunately the only economic contribution they make is to pay rent for a small CBD office and pay their employees to fly in and fly out,” said Mr Trenaman.


“SMW Group will always put local employment first, and support the local community where we live, work and play. For us, it’s the only way to build a long-term business.”


Locals come first at SMW

This commitment was showcased perfectly in the weekend’s QRL’sIndigenous Round at Browne Park, as players donned SMW Group-branded jerseys.Even the referees are supported by SMW Group in a decades-long partnership.


Mr Trenaman says that no matter if it’s on the field or off the field, there won’t be a time that he stops cheering for Central Queensland.


“We wouldn’t have grown into the business that we are today without the community. As we grow, we’ll keep doing what we have always done in giving back.”

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